Celebrities Call For Revolution

brandThe recent interview with actor/comedian Russell Brand on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, dubbed a call for revolution by many, quickly became a viral sensation. Brand declared, “the planet is being destroyed, we are creating an underclass, we’re exploiting poor people all over the world, and the genuine legitimate problems of the people are not being addressed by our political class.” He went on to discuss his own alienation from electoral politics as being a reflection of a feeling that is widespread in Britain.

Karl Marx is the "Best Scientist of Them All"

karl marx 0325Karl Marx has been decried by mainstream economists and news outlets as dead, irrelevant and/or outdated. A new study published by the world’s most reputed scholarly journal, Nature, once again shows that despite the hue and cry of naysayers and those who would revise history, his specter cannot be exorcised.

Review: Les Misérables

les-miserables“Do you hear the people sing?” Millions of people did as they made their way to the movie theater this winter to see the film adaptation of the ever-popular Broadway musical, Les Misérables. While much of the attention came from the success of the musical and the big name actors associated with the film, it is interesting to see such a massive audience become emotionally invested in a tale of revolution whose characters are championing the plight of the poor and even brandishing their red flags.

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

tdkrIt’s not every day that you see a crowd of heavily armed men in civilian clothing in downtown Manhattan. But several months ago, while selling Socialist Appeal at Zuccotti Park—at that time “ground zero” for Occupy Wall Street—that is precisely what I saw. A group of hundreds in winter coats armed with an assortment of automatic and semi-automatic rifles. I stood there dumbfounded, then a woman asked me to, “keep moving, we’re filming, sir.” As it turns out, they were filming one of the scenes from The Dark Knight Rises.

Gore Vidal: a belated obituary

On 31 July Gore Vidal died at his home in Los Angeles from complications arising from pneumonia. He was 86 and had been ill for some time. As I was away on holiday at the time, I did not find out about this till later. The comrades in charge of Marxist.com decided to republish an article I had written in July 2002 with the title The decline and fall of the American empire, based on a television interview with the American writer.