Erdogan Pushes Turkey Further into the Syrian Quagmire

thumb erdogan 120x80For the first time, Turkey has launched a direct military intervention in Syria, sending tanks and warplanes across the border in a coordinated campaign with Syrian opposition fighters and targeting positions held by ISIS, especially the strategic town of Jarablus.


Milwaukee: This is the Madness That They Spark Up!

Another murder by the police. Another young black man dead. On August 13, Sylville Smith was killed by a police officer in a sequence of all-too-familiar events that began with a “suspicious car.” This time, it is the people of Milwaukee rising in indignation against racist police. As the economic basis for the social inertia of the past disintegrates, brute force must be resorted to by the state to keep down discontent. The capitalist system couldn’t last a single week without its courts, armies, and police terror. More importantly, it could not continue to rule if the labor leadership actually led the working class majority in a concerted struggle for economic and political power.


A Socialist Solution to the California Homelessness Crisis

Of the nation’s 25 most expensive neighborhoods to live in, 19 are found in California and the top 5 are in Los Angeles. These are places where a month’s rent ranges from $7,075 to $10,629. But the City of Angels also tops the nation’s charts in another way. It is the metro area with the highest and fastest-growing population of homeless people in the country, currently at 91,000—a 55% increase over the past three years.


Can Abortion Rights be Entrusted to the Supreme Court?

On Monday, June 27, the US Supreme Court voted 5–3 to strike down a Texas law aimed at restricting access to abortion facilities. The following day, similar laws in Mississippi and Wisconsin were rejected and Alabama abandoned its defense of similar legislation. These “TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws” were cynically presented by their proponents as being motivated by concern for women’s health and safety. The laws arbitrarily required abortion doctors to obtain “admitting privileges” at a hospital within 30 miles of the providing clinic and to have hospital-grade facilities. TRAP laws in Texas have reduced the number of abortion clinics in the Lone Star state from 41 to 19 and threatened to shutter the only abortion-providing clinic in the State of Mississippi.


Bernie’s Betrayal: The Fight for Socialism Continues!

With the crowning of Hillary Clinton at the DNC in Philadelphia, the 2016 election cycle appears to have come full circle. She began as the frontrunner twelve months ago, and she is now officially the party’s nominee. However, what we have passed through over the last few months is not a circle, but a contradictory spiral of development. The river of American political struggle has overflowed, and while Sanders’s capitulation will inevitably lead to a temporary ebbing of the tide, its course has been changed forever.