Brazil: After Impeachment, What are the Prospects?

DilmaBy 61 votes to 20, the rotten Brazilian Senate has approved the impeachment of Dilma and, consequently, her definitive removal from office. This is the final chapter in a process which was started in December 2015 by the former President of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha. 

Election 2016: America’s Most Unwanted

clinton trump cropped

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 96. Come November, Americans will get to “choose” which unpopular crook and liar will get to rule them on behalf of Wall Street for the next four years. This is not a choice. This is an undemocratic imposition by a political system set up and controlled by the two-party establishment in defense of capitalism.

Childhood, Family, and the Decline of Capitalism

workingclassmotherandchildrenChildhood is supposed to be a simple, happy time, the ascendant years of a human’s life when, according to the traditional bourgeois world view, the possibilities for the future are wide open. This heartfelt desire for a better future for your children has been reduced to dust by the crisis of capitalism.

France: Backlash Against Burkini Ban Forces Court Suspension

BurkiniBanBeachCopsFifteen holiday resorts in France, predominantly in the southeast of the country, have recently attempted to ban full-body swimsuits, known as burkinis, provoking uproar in response. In particular, images this week of armed French police forcing a woman to remove headscarves and long-sleeved clothing on a beach in Nice have been met with shock and disgust.


American Democracy in the Days of The Donald

trump facecrunchAugust 2016 marks the one-year anniversary of Donald J. Trump occupying a space on every smartphone, desktop, and television across the country. For all of his successes and scandals, he is a spectacular specimen of the sheer absurdity of capitalism’s survival long past its "expiration date".