400 Years Since the Death of Shakespeare: A Revolutionary in Literature—Part Two

luther windowThe England of Shakespeare, like the Spain of Cervantes, was in the throes of a great social and economic revolution. This was a very turbulent and painful change, which thrust a large number of people into poverty and created in the towns a large class of dispossessed lumpenproletarian elements.

The Ceasefire in Syria: What Does It Mean?

syria-the-good-old-cold-war-gameAs of sunset yesterday a new major ceasefire has been agreed in Syria. But what does it mean for Syria, the Middle East, and world relations? 

400 Years Since the Death of Shakespeare: A Revolutionary in Literature—Part One

Shakespeare - Public DomainShakespeare transformed English literature, reaching heights that before were unheard of and which have not been reached subsequently. Like a blazing meteorite he shot across the firmament and cast a glorious light on an entire period in our history. His impact on world literature was arguably greater than any other writer. His works have been translated into every language. For centuries after his death his star has not dimmed but shines as brightly as on the first day.


La Traición de Bernie—¡La Lucha por el Socialismo Continúa!

sanders-surrenderCon la coronación de Hillary Clinton en la Convención Nacional Demócrata (DNC) en Filadelfia en julio pasado, el ciclo electoral de 2016 parece haber dado un giro completo. Ella comenzó como la candidata favorita hace doce meses, y ahora es la candidata oficial del Partido. Sin embargo, por lo que hemos pasado a través de los últimos meses no ha sido un círculo, sino un contradictorio desarrollo en espiral. El río de la lucha política estadounidense se ha desbordado, y mientras que la capitulación de Sanders inevitablemente conducirá a un reflujo temporal de la marea, su curso ha cambiado para siempre.


“Saint” Teresa of Calcutta: A Fanatical Stooge of the Ruling Class

saint theresaMother Teresa (1910–97) has been beatified by Pope Francis I, after a series of miracles (where the role of modern medicine was conveniently swept under the rug) were fished out from her lifelong record running clinics for the poor in India. These years of crisis and revolution have been a lean period for the Catholic Church, which is forced to churn out saints to maintain its appeal.