America’s Brexit: To Fight Trump, Fight Capitalism!

GOP 2016 TrumponstageThus ends the “School of the Democrats.” What once seemed unthinkable—akin to an episode of the Twilight Zone—has become a surreal reality. As Hillary’s “blue wall” of “secure” states came tumbling down, tipping irreversibly in The Donald’s favor, the media pundits tried to maintain their composure, but they were clearly shell-shocked—along with millions of others.

Solidarity With Standing Rock!

Protesters on road Dakota Access PipelineOn the windswept plains of south-central North Dakota, hundreds of miles from any major city, a slowly simmering drama has exploded suddenly into public consciousness. The Standing Rock Sioux's battle to defend their water and lands while facing down vicious repression by private security forces and the state is the largest mobilization of Native unity and resistance in the US in decades.

US Election 2016: On the Eve of Armageddon

Image result for trump clinton armageddonThe world waits with bated breath as the “leader of the free world” is selected. Election 2016 has been a rollercoaster for voters, pollsters, pundits, and candidates alike. The campaign has been like no other seen in the US for a century or more.

Aleppo, Mosul, and Imperialist Hypocrisy

Crocodile tears_for_Syria-LatuffThe saying goes that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. To this list we must add diplomacy, which is lying raised to the level of an art form.

Diplomacy is part of war and is the political equivalent of war. The purpose of diplomacy is to conceal the real war aims of a given state from its citizens and to lay the blame for war and all its attendant horrors and crimes on the other side.

Clinton Now the Clear Ruling-Class Favorite

Clinton smugIt is now quite clear that the US establishment has made its choice: Hillary Clinton is the favorite of the decisive sectors of bankers, industrialists, military brass, the conservative trade union leaders, and even key leaders of the Republican Party itself.