Brazil: In Defense of Democratic and Trade Union Freedoms and Workers' Rights

 The Union of Municipal Workers of Florianópolis (Sintrasem) is being attacked by the city and the judiciary. International solidarity needed! We ask all to sign this motion and send it to the authorities and to those responsible for union defence campaign. We will not leave them alone. Our class is our strength. Our organization is our weapon. We shall overcome!


In Defence of Soviet Art: A Reply to Jonathan Jones

Beat theWhites Red wedgeThe centenary of the Russian Revolution has opened in an appropriately explosive fashion, with Donald Trump’s first raft of vile executive orders provoking international protest on a gargantuan scale. It is fair to say that tensions are high, and widespread anger is the order of the day. However, all of this rage pales in significance next to the righteous fury of a lone Guardian art critic . . .

Trump’s First Week: Welcome to the New Normality

trump andCo Its been a stormy week for Americas CEO: a flurry of calls and meetings, a whirlwind of Tweets and press conferences, a blizzard of executive orders flying off his desk. In just a few days, Trump has set his stamp on US and world politics, economics, and relations.

¡Lucha por el socialismo! Un programa para derrotar a Trump

La ola masiva de rechazo a la elección de Donald Trump demuestra que millones de jóvenes y trabajadores se opondrán a su gobierno. Trump no puede resolver la crisis del capitalismo ni la pobreza, la intolerancia y la inestabilidad que conlleva. Los Demócratas y los líderes sindicales se rindieron y se ofrecieron a trabajar con él. La Corriente Marxista Internacional (CMI) tiene una perspectiva diferente.

Steve Bannon: Kingmaker or Pawn?

Bannon nosepickerWhen Steve Bannon took over as the head of Trump’s floundering, disorganized, and underfunded campaign, electoral victory seemed a dim possibility. How different everything looks now.