Sunday, February 01, 2015
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The War on Terror and the Terror of War The vicious cycle of state and individual terror continues unabated. Now France has been pulled violently into the maelstrom. Read the Full Story
The Failure of "Lesser Evilism" Private ownership of the means of production has hit a dead end on a world scale. The system is dying on its feet, and this inevitably has profound political and social consequences in the country par excellence of capitalism. Read the Full Story
Election 2014—Big Business Wins Again What if they held an election and nobody came? In some ways, the 2014 midterm election was very much like this. That is, democracy for the top 1% or 2%, but not for the rest of us! Read the Full Story

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"Bloody Monday" and the Changing Consciousness in America"Bloody Monday" ran the headlines, as jobs continue to hemorrhage from the U.S. economy with no end in sight. Since Monday, even more companies have announced layoffs. The list of companies laying off workers is a "who's who" of corporate America: 20,000 from Caterpillar, 10,000 from Boeing, 8,000 from Pfizer, 8,000 from Sprint Nextel, 7,000 from Home Depot, 6,700 from Starbucks, 6,000 from Intel, 5,000 from Microsoft, 5,000 from Schlumberger, 2,000 more from General Motors, 1,200 more from Ford, S1,000 more from United Airlines, 700 from AOL, 600 from Target, 350 from Brooks Automation, and on and on.

Obama's Inaugural Call for "National Unity"

 American workers are faced with an economic and social crisis on a scale not seen in decades. One after another, the pillars of American capitalism are crumbling around them: all the major banks and financial services companies; all the major auto makers; the dream of home ownership and a secure retirement; the aura of invincibility of U.S. military might; the promise of a tomorrow better than today. In short, the bedrock upon which U.S. capitalism has justified its continued exploitative existence has turned to quicksand.  This is the backdrop for Obama's inaugural speech.

“The Wire” and the American Nightmare

The WireThis article reviews the TV series, The Wire and points out how well the series does to depict a capitalist society in decay.

End the “Slay ride”: Elston K. McCowan for Mayor of St. Louis

Elston K. McCowanWith both the Democrats and the Republicans being unable to solve problems workers face due to their organic connections with the interests of big corporations, the state of the economy is causing millions of people for an alternative to the status quo.  In the city of St. Louis, Elston K. McCowan, a long time union organizer and SEIU member, is running for mayor and offers an alternative at the polls. 

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