Wednesday, September 24, 2014
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The Youth and the Socialist Future Today’s youth, the so-called millennials, face a bleak future under capitalism. They carry the highest student debt in history and have entered “adulthood” at a time when housing prices have skyrocketed and the labor market has imploded. Read the Full Story
Notes From Ferguson As the protests in Ferguson, MO, enter their 12th day, following the shooting of Michael Brown by local police, the Workers International League (US section of the IMT) continues to intervene in this spontaneous upsurge, in Ferguson itself, and on the campuses in the area. These events mark a qualitative turning point in the class struggle in the United States. Read the Full Story
The Decline of US Imperialism In the decades after World War II, US imperialism ruled the roost over much of the planet. After the collapse of Stalinism and the USSR, we were told that we had entered a new era—the “Pax Americana”—in which freedom, peace, and plenty would prevail for the whole of humanity. The reality has been very different. Read the Full Story

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Big Business Media’s War on Pensions

NYC Public PensionsThe Big Business media is continuing its war on the NYC public employees’ pension system.  Over the past twenty years or so, U.S. corporations have eliminated pensions for new employees and sometimes for existing employees, replacing them with 401k schemes.  The Employee Benefit Research Institute, as reported in the NY Times, stated that 63 percent of workers in the private sector have only 401k or similar plans, not traditional pensions. This means that workers must save for their own retirement and assume all of the investment risks themselves.  This is a sweet deal for Corporate America!  As the present economic crisis deepens, Big Business wants to cut government spending on social programs and compensation for government workers.  Our pension benefits are target number one!

Capitalist Food Crisis: No End in Sight

UN FAOAs the recent Rome summit of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) fades from the headlines (as few as they were in the U.S.), the workers and peasants of the world, and particularly those of the so-called Third World, are once again left to fend for themselves. No concrete measures were taken to put an end to the global food crisis. Prices of basic staple foods continue to rise in all countries and the talk shop of the imperialists, the UN, has taken no firm steps to stave off starvation and hunger. Their document, which pledges to cut the number of undernourished people in “developing” countries in half by the year 2015, outlines no plan by which to do so. Once again, the world’s powers attempt to don a mask of humanitarianism, but deliver only empty rhetoric.


National Assembly Anti-War Conference

This article contains a brief report of the the National Assembly held on the weekend of June 28th and June 29th.

The Death of LaVena Johnson

LaVena JohnsonOn June 6th, a panel discussion was held in St. Louis to discuss the death of LaVena Johnson.  She was the first Missouri woman killed in Iraq, just eight days shy of her 20th birthday.  Today, three years after her death, questions still surround the circumstances of this tragedy.  Her father, Dr. John Johnson, and other family members, have dedicated countless hours researching and traveling the country looking for an answer.

Who was LaVena Johnson?  She was a St. Louis native, a young black woman, an honor roll student, and violinist.  As her father explains, he had saved up the money for her to go to school, but she instead joined the Army out of high school to lighten the load on her family.  Her recruiter told her she would not be going to Iraq.  She was subsequently deployed with the 129th Corps Support Battalion and, like over 4,000 other Americans so far, died in Iraq.


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The Fundamentals of Marxism: A Short Reading List

Marxist theory is the basis upon which our analysis, perspectives, program, and participation in the movement are based. It is our "guide to action." This why the WIL and IMT place so much emphasis on political education. To this end, we have created an extensive Education Plan to assist comrades in their political development. This is an important resource. However, it's length and scope may seem...


Introduction to "Four Marxist Classics"



Science and Dialectical Materialism

Dialectical Materialism is a way of understanding reality; whether thoughts, emotions, or the material world. Simply stated, this methodology is the combination of Dialectics and Materialism. The materialist dialectic is the theoretical foundation of Marxism.  We provide various educational readings on dialectical materialism and its relation to natural science.


Historical Materialism

Marxists attach enormous importance to the study of history; not for its own sake but so as to study the great lessons it contains. Without that understanding of the development of events, it is not possible to foresee future perspectives.


Marxist Economics

Only with a Marxist understanding of capitalist society can the conscious worker cut through the lies and distortion of the capitalist economists and combat their influence within the Labor Movement.


Marxism and Anarchism

What are the differences between Marxism and anarchism? What relationship have followers of these two philosophies had in the past?


Marxism and Feminism

The oppression of women has been a key question for Marxism. After all, women constitute half the human race, and have faced discrimination and degradation in many areas of life.


The National Question

The question of nationalities, that is, the oppression of nations and national minorities, which has characterised capitalism from its birth till the present time, has always occupied a central position in Marxist theory.


Marxism and Religion

We have received quite a few e-mails from our subscribers asking about the attitude of Marxists to religion.


The United States

The struggle of the working class in the United States will be a decisive factor in the outcome of the class struggle around the world. We provide here a list of works explaining the important role of the working people of the US.


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The new biography of Ted Grant by Alan Woods, Ted Grant: The Permanent Revolutonary, is now available. The book covers the development of Ted's life and ideas from his birth 100 years ago to his death in 2006. It explains the important theoretical questions and debates of this period and it outlines Ted Grant's important theoretical contribution to Marxism. Read a review or order the book from Wellred USA or Wellred UK today!
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