On the Program of the Black Panther Party: Which Way Forward for Black Workers and Youth?—Part One

black-panthers-4Nearly twice a week in the USA, a black person is killed by a white cop. In Ferguson, Missouri, the death of yet another young black man at the hands of the police was one too many. Necessity expressed itself through accident, and the murder of Mike Brown unleashed a wave of pent-up outrage and indignation across the country. The daily protests and nightly confrontations with the police, state troopers, and National Guard flooded the media with scenes reminiscent of modern day Gaza, Iraq—or the US in the 1950s and 1960s.

100 Years Since the Ludlow Massacre of Striking Miners in Colorado

ludlow-family100 years ago, US mining magnate John D. Rockefeller, with the help of the Colorado state government, ordered Colorado National Guard and militia forces to machine gun on a mining camp where 1,200 striking coal miners and their families were residing. Up to 60 people were killed and hundreds injured. The strikers were mainly immigrants who were paid slave wages by the company. They were forced to work 10–12 hour days and were not paid for "dead work" such as clearing the mines of rubble. The event marked a key milestone for America’s working class struggle to gain workplace rights, including the 8-hour work day, workplace health and safety measures, better housing, and the right to form a union.


The Life and Times of Pete Seeger (1919–2014)

pete-seegerWe lost a spirited voice of the oppressed and exploited January 27, as Pete Seeger drew his last breath. Having reached the age of 94, Seeger had lived, fought, and sung through several tumultuous periods of ebb and flow of the class struggle over many decades.



Happy First American Revolution Day!

Happy First American Revolution Day! The United States was born out of a revolutionary struggle against British imperialism. For the first time a colonial revolution threw off the rule of the most powerful military force on Earth. The events in the thirteen colonies in the late 1700s proved to be an inspiration worldwide. On the heels of the American Revolution the French Revolution was to topple the rule of Louis XVI and the Haitian Revolution was to thoroughly uproot the institution of slavery on that island. The American Revolution was to also inspire the colonial revolutions of the post-World War II period, from Cuba to Vietnam.