Having been somewhat consistently and, as I thought previously, inexplicably attracted to socialism in the past, I decided to do some reading on the subject. Such reading led me to the Wellred website, where I made a small purchase. Due, in no small part, to a coincidental shipping issue, I began an e-mail correspondence with the WIL’s national center. The rest, as they say, is history.

A meeting for coffee and conversation led to my attendance of a WIL branch meeting and a joint CMPL/WIL event. Not long after, I decided that the WIL was for me.

It was odd to me, after years of apathy, to find a group that awakened in me a desire for activity, one that adheres to a theoretical base that connects with me—something I could never have found in the bipartisan system of capitalist impasse. Odd as it was for me, I felt, at the same time, excited—the very antithesis of apathetic!

Thus, my transition from apathy to activity, like my own internal revolution, occurred. It is by mobilizing those like me, the masses of disillusioned and “apathetic,” that the revolution will be greatly strengthened. Onward Comrades! For Revolution! For Socialism!