Report from Madison, WI


 A brief report from a WIL member on the ground in Madison, WI, written just before the big demos planned for Saturday, February 26th: "It's truly inspiring to see the transformation of the workers and students in Wisconsin. It seems everyone has an opinion on the topic and that no one is apathetic. I watched thousands of students pour into the capitol screaming 'What's disgusting? Union busting!' It's clear that a whole new generation is being introduced into labor solidarity..."

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SA58 Cover

Perhaps you have considered joining the WIL, but cannot yet make the committment of time. Perhaps you live in an area where we do not yet have a branch and want to support us, but are not in a position to build a branch on your own. Perhaps you are simply sick and tired of the instability and chaos of capitalism, of losing your hard-earned retirement money on the stock market, and want to “invest” your money in a truly good cause. If so, then you should consider becoming a WIL Sympathizer, and making a monthly contribution to our work, or making a one-time donation to our Fighting Fund. It all adds up and it all helps!

1st US Edition of Germany: From Revolution to Counter-Revolution


 We introduce the first U.S. edition of Germany: From Revolution to Counter-Revolution 1918-1934 by Rob Sewell.  This compact volume discusses the history of the German working class through the revolution of 1918-1923, the economic depression and the Weimar Republic, and finally the counter-revolutionary rise of fascism. It is essential reading for anyone looking to learn the lessons of the past, in order not to repeat similar mistakes in the struggles of the future. Order your copy online from now for $8.99.

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Socialist AppealSocialist Appeal is approaching issue #50, a milestone for both the publication and the Workers International League.  Our readership has grown, and under the pressure of the recession and ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is an increasing desire to understand the apparently chaotic world in which we live.

In the light of such circumstances, we aim to increase the print run of Socialist Appeal, the quality of the layout and design,the size of and scope of each issue, and the regularity of publication.  We need your help to achieve these goals, and we appeal to our readers, sympathizers, and supporters to make a donation toward our $5,000 Fall Press Fund Drive.

50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution: Successful Event in Minneapolis

Jorge MartinThe Workers' International League held its first National Marxist School over the weekend of June 13th and 14th. As part of the School, a public event was organized jointly with Hands Off Venezuela, to discuss the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the lessons for Latin America. Over 60 people attended the event, which was held at the United Labor Centre in Minneapolis, and nearly $100 in donations were raised to help develop the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. The event featured two main speakers, Jorge Martín, International Secretary of the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign and regular presenter at the Havana Book Fair in Cuba, and August Nimtz, a professor at the University of Minnesota and member of the Minnesota Cuba Committee. The discussion was facilitated by Sonia Arevalo of the MN FMLN rank and file committee "Combatiente Anonimo."