Workers International League at Occupy Boston

A five minute interview with a Boston comrade of the Workers' International League (WIL) participating in the Occupy Boston movement who explains what the WIL stands for.

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WIL LogoWorkers and youth want to resist the austerity being implemented by Federal, state and local governments. The big business–owned media is now filling people’s heads with garbage like:  “There is no alternative to cutbacks and concessions; we must work longer and can no longer retire at 65; we must get paid less so the company will not go out of business; we must pay higher taxes and tighten our belts and this will improve the economy.”

This is exactly why we need Socialist Appeal. It answers all these lies with facts and figures...Socialist Appeal explains that if we share out the work that needs to be done by reducing the work week to 30 hours per week without reducing pay, there would be an almost immediate end to unemployment.


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Comrades, supporters and friends, thanks to your sacrifice, we beat the target for the first quarter.  The target was $2,000 and we came in with $2,159 - a terrific start to the new year! Our next Fighting Fund target, covering April, May and June, is a more substantial $6,400.  But with more hard work and sacrifice we can raise this sum plus more. Already, several supporters have said they want to make a significant contribution as we enter one of the busiest periods of the year. Make your contribution today!