Fighting Fund Appeal

newwillogo1smallerIn 1935, a young socialist from France went to meet Trotsky, who was in exile in Norway. When this young French socialist told Trotsky of the financial problems facing the publication of the Marxist papers in France, Trotsky said the following: “If something is well understood and clearly expressed, then the means to say it will come easily! To the extent to which you have a clear theoretical vision of things, you will also have the political will to make them happen. If you really want to succeed in doing something that you have clearly understood, then you will also be capable of finding the means.”

Historic First Midwest Regional Marxist School held in Minneapolis

mwrs4Over 30 comrades and contacts, mostly from Minneapolis-St. Paul, St. Louis, and Madison, but also from Portland, Dallas, NY, NJ, Boston, Italy/North Carolina, met in Minneapolis on the weekend of June 29 and 30 for the first-ever Midwest Regional School. The presence of so many comrades from other regions, including a comrade from the Italian section of the IMT, Falce Martello, was a huge boost and made the weekend that much more electric.

Turkey Solidarity Rally in Dallas, TX

turkey12On Saturday, June 8th the Workers' International League of Dallas led a demonstration in solidarity with the mass protests in Turkey. We rallied for four hours on the historic Grassy Knoll JFK monument. Despite the modest size of the rally - about 20 - tourists were eager pick up a sign, get a picture with us or ask us about the events in Turkey.

April 2013 Fighting Fund Appeal

newwillogo1smallerAn event like the death of Hugo Chavez can focus our attention on what our priorities in life should be. Here is a man who worked 21 hours a day, every day, for the revolution! Although his death is a great loss, the Venezuelan Revolution will continue. Chavez is an example for all of us. We must follow his example and put all our efforts and resources into building the revolutionary leadership the international working class requires.