February 2014 Fighting Fund Appeal

NEWWILLOGO1SmallerKarl Marx’s Capital is the only scientific analysis of how capitalism really functions. In his three-volume masterpiece, Marx explained that the capitalists wish that workers could just live off “the air.” As he put it, “The constant tendency of capital is to force the cost of labor back towards this absolute zero.”


Fighting Fund Appeal

NEWWILLOGO1SmallerRed October and November have been busy months for the IMT in the Northeast. In NYC, Alan Woods and Alex Grant spoke at a one-day Marxist school on October 26. The room was packed with more than 50 people from across the region, including Canada.


Fighting Fund Appeal

NEWWILLOGO1SmallerOver and over again we see the horrors of capitalism spark social movements, but these movements need Marxist ideas and leadership to achieve victory. Garment workers are fighting back in Bangladesh, as are fast food workers throughout the USA. However, without a farsighted revolutionary leadership, history shows how these movements inevitably run into roadblocks, and disorientation and disillusionment eventually set in. If we limit ourselves to the norms of capitalism, we will never change the status quo. We cannot reform capitalism. We must organize the working class to transform society altogether.

Marxist Student Activities

chicoroville tableThe youth are bearing the brunt of the capitalist crisis, facing a future of debt, unemployment, underemployment, or employment in menial jobs that do not take advantage of their full potential and aspirations to do something useful and interesting with their lives. Faced with this situation, it is no surprise that interest in Marxist ideas is on the rise.



October 26 - NYC Marxist Day School with Alan Woods

We are thrilled to welcome back Alan Woods, editor of Marxist.com, to make up for the New York City portion of his tour last year that was disrupted by Hurricane Sandy. Join the Workers International League, FightBack (Canada), La Riposte (Quebec), and the International Marxist Tendency for a Marxist Day School in NYC where we will take up the National Question with special guest Alex Grant from Fightback (Canada) and Stalin and what he represented with Alan Woods.