March 2014 Fighting Fund Appeal

NEWWILLOGO1SmallerIt has been a busy winter for the International Marxist Tendency—and the Spring will be even busier!



Pakistan: Successful Public Launch of Marxism and the USA

DSCF1563On Saturday, March 15, 2014, the Urdu edition of Marxism and the USA was presented at the National Press Club in Islamabad. The book, written by Alan Woods, was originally published in the United States. The public launch of the book, with the presence of the author, was a highly anticipated event. Comrades and media travelled from across Pakistan to hear Alan Woods present his latest book in Urdu. 300 people packed the hall until there was standing room only, and three television channels covered the event. Special mention must be made of the participation of dozens of hospital workers and nurses who are currently on strike, and who have been subjected to brutal attacks by the police. This has resulted in several nurses being sent to hospital.

Report on Day Two of the 33rd Congress of the Pakistani Section of the IMT

congress-2014-day-2-8The second day of the congress of The Struggle was filled with the same revolutionary energy as the previous day, with the participation of workers, women and youth from all over Pakistan. Thousands of comrades have made huge sacrifices just to be able to attend, often selling what little they have to put up the cash for the ticket and other expenses. Unlike the NGOs, financed by western countries and welfare institutions, and which talk about and do nothing, no external money or subsidies were used to organise this congress – the comrades and sympathizers of The Struggle have to pay for everything themselves.


Report on Day One of the 33rd Congress of the Pakistani Section of the IMT

imt-pakistan-congress-2014This year the 33rd congress of The Struggle was awaited with great expectation. The coming to power of the right-wing government of Nawaz Sharif’s Muslim League was the signal for new and severe attacks against the working class and The Struggle and the PTUDC have been at the forefront of the counterattack.



Great Enthusiasm Marks the 2014 Marxist Winter School

On the weekend of February 15th-16th, approximately 60 people participated in the fifth annual Marxist Winter School in Montreal, this year held at Concordia University. Organized by supporters of Fightback (Canada), La Riposte (Quebec), and the Workers’ International League (USA), this year’s school was certainly a big success. Activists traveled from Ottawa, Toronto, New York, and Boston to join comrades in Montreal for enthusiastic discussions throughout the entire weekend. Continuing the tradition from last year, the discussions were held in both French and English, facilitated through consecutive translation which highlighted the unity of English and French-speaking revolutionaries.