Successful Subscription Drive!

SubscriptionCampaignLogoFeaturedThe Washington Post recently reported that the richest 20% of Americans collect 51% of the national income and own 73% of the net worth (real estate, money stocks and bonds minus what is owed in loans, debt, etc.). That means the bottom 80% get less than half of the income and only 27% of the net worth. As the old song says, they got the gold mine and we got the shaft!

Solidarity Appeal: Help the IMT Get Offices in NYC!

Tabling in Central ParkWhether you live in the United States or somewhere else in the world, if you share our vision of a world organized around raising the living standards of humanity and establishing abundance for all rather than accumulating profits for “the billionaire class,” there are many ways you can support the work of the US section of the IMT as we launch our campaign to strengthen our national center by acquiring an office space in New York City!

Enthusiastic Marxist School in California

2015CARMSGroupWith a population larger than Canada and over 70 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants each, California is the largest and by many measures one of the most important states in the US. Home to Hollywood, Silicon Valley, a number of the country’s busiest seaports, the biggest agricultural center, and with 54 of the Fortune 500 companies, California will be key for the socialist revolution and thus for building the forces of Marxism today.

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving: Marxism!

MarxmasAdIt's always a good time to buy Marxist books, pamphlets, and other materials for yourself, your friends, family, and comrades. But this holiday season, it gets even better. is offering 20% off when you use the code MARXMAS20!