Minneapolis - Revolutionary Latin America

JM Event MSPWhat's Really Happening in Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico and the rest of the region? Come join us for a discussion with Jorge Martín - International Secretary for the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign and Latin America correspondent for Marxist.com. 7:00 pm on May 17 at the Central Labor Union Council in Minneapolis. Read the article for more information.

First TN Marxist Day School

On Saturday, January 12, nearly twenty people gathered near Middle Tennessee State University for the region’s first “Marxist Day School.” The event, organized by the Workers International League, consisted of vibrant discussions on how Marxism remains relevant in the 21st century and how working people around the world are fighting to make socialism a reality. As the meeting opened, everyone was welcomed and thanked for attending. The comrades and guests then introduced themselves, setting a friendly mood for the rest of the day.

Support the PTUDC!

After many hesitations and delays, not least because of the brutal assassination of Benazir Bhutto and hundreds of her supporters, the Pakistani parliamentary elections are scheduled to go ahead on 18 February. These elections are different to any other ever held in Pakistan. We have received an appeal by three candidates who are sponsored by the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign and are standing on a clear socialist program. Please help support the work of the Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign by making a donation.  For more information on the electoral work of PTUDC members click here.

Intervention of the Pakistani Marxists in the movement against the assassination of Benazir Bhutto

We have just received this extremely important report from the comrades in Pakistan. It indicates that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has had the effect of a catalyst that is impelling the masses onto the revolutionary road. The situation is now beginning to resemble that of tsarist Russia after Bloody Sunday in 1905. The Pakistan Marxists of The Struggle are playing a leading role in the mass movement, as this report clearly shows.