New Film on Workers' Control in Venezuela!

Freteco DVD CoverA new film on the Venezuelan Revolution. Produced by Vive TV in Venezuela, this new documentary on FRETECO explores the movement of occupied factories and workers' control in Venezuela. From the Mitsubishi auto plant to the Inveval valve plant; from the Gotcha T-Shirt factory to the INAF hardware factory, workers young and old, male and female, tell their stories and explain why they came to the realization that demanding nationalization under workers' control is the only way forward. With examples explaining how factory and workers' councils function, the role of the communal councils, and the movement for "trade unionism of a new type," this video provides a living, breathing look at a crucial aspect of the Venezuelan Revolutionary process. DVD format. 40 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles by U.S. HOV.

The WIL at the March 21 Anti-War Demos

 On March 21, members of the Workers International League participated in the anti-war demonstrations in Washington, DC, San Francisco, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Columbia, Missouri. Although this year's protests were smaller than in the past, sales of Socialist Appeal and other political books and booklets indicate increasing interest in the ideas of revolutionary Marxism. Contact us to find out how you can get involved in the struggle against war and for socialism!

First Pan-American Marxist School of the IMT

First Pan-American Marxist School of the IMTLast weekend more than 100 revolutionaries from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador, the USA, Canada, Ecuador, Cuba, Guatemala, gathered in Mexico City for the first Pan-American Marxist School of the International Marxist Tendency. A new tri-lingual Pan-American journal of the IMT, America Socialista, was also launched at the event.

Enthusiastic launch of “Reformism or revolution” in Mexico

Enthusiastic launch of “Reformism or revolution” in MexicoOn Thursday, February 26, the Marxist Tendency “Militante” had called a meeting in Mexico DF for Alan Woods to present his latest book Reformism or Revolution. Marxism and socialism of the 21st Century – a reply to Heinz Dieterich. Trotsky's grandson Esteban Volkov also addressed the meeting.

Report on Minneapolis Anti-War Intervention

WIL TableThe Minneapolis branch of the Workers International League participated today in an anti-war demonstration organized by the Iraq Peace Action Coalition, as part of a national weekend of anti-war and immigrant rights actions. There were only 150 to 200 people present, but it was a lively and energetic crowd, chanting slogans, listening to speakers and music, and discussing the war, the economy, and the elections.