US Perspectives and Tasks 2012

This U.S. Perspectives document was passed by the 2012 National Congress of the Workers International Leagueon November 10th, 2012. If you agree with the broad outlines put forward in this document, contact us for more information on joining the WIL. Let’s work together to bring these ideas to more and more workers and youth and to fight for socialism!


US Perspectives 2010

This document was drafted in the Spring of 2010, and discussed, amended, and approved at the May 2010 National Congress of the WIL. If you agree with these perspectives, or would like to discuss them further, please contact us to learn more about joining the WIL, and consider making a donation to our Fighting Fund to help us bring these ideas more widely into the Labor Movement.

Black Struggle and the Socialist Revolution

Black StruggleThis document on the Black Struggle and the Socialist Revolution was passed at the 2008 National Congress of the Workers International League.


U.S. Perspectives 2008

This perspectives document was adopted by the National Congress of the Workers International League on May 17, 2008, having been drafted some weeks before. It is intended as a supplement to the International Marxist Tendency's World Perspectives draft document.

Perspectives for the U.S. Revolution 2007 - The U.S. Political Situation

All of the above is having a profound effect on the consciousness of the U.S. working class, and by extension, on the political situation in the country. Discontent is mounting and there is tremendous potential for working people to express their aspirations politically.  However, there is as of yet no genuine mass political alternative for American workers. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are parties of the capitalist class, and no matter which party is in power, defending the capitalists’ interests will be their top priority.  In the 2008 Presidential elections, we will once again be faced with a “lesser evil” campaign between two representatives of the ruling class.