The Third Quarter of the 2011 WIL Fighting fund is over.  We are thrilled to report we raised more than $6,200 toward our target of $4,000!  Thanks to all who contributed! How did we achieve this? In NYC & NJ, two fundraising parties together raised more than $500.  All who took part in these parties had a great time as well.  How about holding a fund raising party in your area? In Northern California, a group of college and high school comrades pooled their resources to raise over $800. In St. Louis, one comrade donated $500 from his tax returns toward this goal.

As regular readers of Socialist Appeal know, the Workers International League wants to expand our work and also publish Socialist Appeal more often. In order to achieve those goals, we need to hire another full-time activist.  We aim to do this by the end of winter if not sooner.

With the #OccupyWallStreet movement in New York City now spreading around the country, the WIL wants to be able to send more people to connect with this movement.  We know that in order for this movement to succeed and achieve its goals, it must link up with the labor movement and the labor movement needs a program of class independence and it needs to fight for socialism. As the crisis of capitalism continues to unfold, only socialist ideas can show a way forward.

Let’s all keep up our cash consciousness for the fourth quarter. Our target during these holiday months is $2,400. $60 has been donated already. One comrade in NYC is planning a Risk party: play the game Risk and raise money for the WIL. There is already a debate over who gets the red army! One thing is for sure: there is no risk to contribute to the WIL to help build support for socialist ideas in a country that is in desperate need of them. Thank you for your support!