Our target was to raise $6,000 in the months of April, May and June.  Our final figure was $5,986.70 --  Thanks to all who contributed! The WIL aims to expand our political work to more schools and campuses. We need to be able to send people to picket lines, like Verizon, at a moment’s notice. That is why more full time activists are so important to build the WIL into an organization that can make a difference in the fight against capitalism. Our next target is $4,000. With your help we can meet and even surpass our targets and hire a new full-timer early next year.

To this end, in late August, WIL members in NJ hosted a party at a comrade’s home to raise money for the Fighting Fund. Another NYC comrade is hosting a similar party in the middle of September. Can you host such a party to help us raise extra money?

In addition, a supporter of the WIL just increased her monthly donation by 33%. One WIL member met with two friends of his. After a political discussion, one of the friends gave $10 and the other $20 for one copy each of Socialist Appeal, instead of the usual price of $2 each. That is another $26 going to the fighting fund! Can you meet with sympathetic family and friends over the next few weeks and discuss the crisis of capitalism and the need for a socialist solution? Each additional $5, $10 or $20 we get brings us closer to hiring that full-time activist.  Let’s all try to get to the target! You can send contributions to the address below. Thanks for your support!