Latest News on Condition of Comrade Riaz Lund in Pakistan

photo 1Comrades, I have just spoken on the phone to comrade Lal Khan who has visited Riaz in hospital in Karachi. The good news is that he miraculously survived the shooting and major surgery and is now out of danger and in a stable condition. Although he is said to be out of danger, he is still in a bad state, as one can see from the photo we have just received. He is slipping in and out of consciousness and has not yet spoken.

Pakistan: Comrade Riaz Lund Shot! Mobilize Solidarity!

photo 1Comrade Riaz Lund, a leading member of the Pakistan section of the IMT and well-known class fighter in Karachi, has been shot in cold blood by assassins. In a cowardly and brutal assault, he was hit three times, twice in the stomach and once in the chest.



St. Louis: Justice for Michael Brown

fergusonprotest3On August 27, the Youth for International Socialism (YFIS) club at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) held a forum titled, “Justice for Michael Brown: Enough is Enough!” to present a Marxist analysis of the events in Ferguson and the role of the state in capitalist society. This forum also offered a much needed opportunity for the campus student body to publicly discuss the situation and vent their frustrations.