Prospects for the World Revolution

The document which we are publishing puts forward the position of the Marxist tendency on the perspectives for the world revolution in a comprehensive way. It analyses the global crisis of world capitalism, economic perspectives and the stage reached by the class struggle in the developed capitalist countries, and also the revolutionary developments in the former colonial countries, the worldwide struggle against imperialism, the attitude of Marxists to war, the situation inside the mass parties and trade unions of the working class, and the tasks of the revolutionary tendency. This document represents a finished programmatic statement of the followers of internationally. It is the ideological basis on which we carry on our fight for the creation of a mass Marxist movement on a world scale.

US Perspectives 2006 - The Labor Movement

The pendulum of the class struggle, which has been swinging mercilessly against working people for the past twenty-five years, is starting to swing the other way, with the beginnings of a fight back by the working class. The period we have entered may well be far more similar to the turbulent 1930s than the relatively stable post-war period. It is important to keep this in mind when analyzing the processes developing within U.S. society.

US Perspectives 2006 - The U.S. Economy

Economic perspectives for the future are based on the economic performance of the past, and are therefore provisional at best. This document outlines our political perspectives for the next year based on developments since our last analysis.

Introduction to US Perspectives 2006

The background against which we must develop our perspectives for the U.S. is one of increasing instability on a world scale.  The capitalist system has entered a deep crisis which is causing convulsions at all levels: economically, politically, socially, and militarily.