Perspectives for the U.S. Revolution 2007 - Introduction & the International Situation

This year’s U.S. Perspectives will bring up to date key aspects of last year’s extensive World and U.S. Perspectives documents. Last year’s documents retain their validity on all fundamental points, and should be read in conjunction with this year’s perspectives. However, the overall process has accelerated.  In the past 12 months, the contradictions of the world capitalist system have continued to build up, resulting in violent explosions of the class struggle in one country after another, and preparing even more explosive developments for the coming period. Above all, we must understand the profound effect these events are having on the consciousness of the U.S. working class.  Long gone are the days of relative stability and “class peace”.  Right here, in the heart of world imperialism, colossal explosions of the class struggle are being prepared.

The WIL at the Anti-War Demonstration in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh DemoThe WIL recently participated in anti-war marches and demonstrations across the country to mark the 4-year anniversary of the war.  From Washington, DC to San Francisco, Portland to Minneapolis, St. Louis to Providence, WIL members joined hundreds of thousands in opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In Pittsburgh, some 2,000 workers, veterans, and youth organized a militant demonstration. The following speech was delivered by WIL comrade Kristin Parrotta.

NEWSFLASH - Venezuelan Labor Activist in St. Louis, Missouri THIS weekend (November 4 and 5)

The Hands Off Venezuela Campaign and the Workers International League are pleased to announce that Miguel Campos, an activist with Venezuela's FRETECO (Revolutionary Front of Workers in Occupied and Worker-controlled Factories) will be in St. Louis, MO, this weekend (November 4 and 5) to speak at the National Rank and File Conference organized by the Labor Action Coalition.