Intervention of the Pakistani Marxists in the movement against the assassination of Benazir Bhutto

We have just received this extremely important report from the comrades in Pakistan. It indicates that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has had the effect of a catalyst that is impelling the masses onto the revolutionary road. The situation is now beginning to resemble that of tsarist Russia after Bloody Sunday in 1905. The Pakistan Marxists of The Struggle are playing a leading role in the mass movement, as this report clearly shows.

Manzoor Ahmed’s message from a police cell - To the workers of the world

Immediately upon being informed of Manzoor’s arrest we rang the comrades in Lahore. Whether through the inefficiency of the police, or because they were overwhelmed by the large number of arrests, they forgot to confiscate Manzoor’s mobile phone. Comrade Alan Woods was therefore able to speak to him in his cell, from which he delivered an inspiring message for the workers of the world, which we publish here.

The WIL at the September 15th National Anti-War March and Rally in DC.

DC Anti-War RallyOn September 15, several East Coast, Midwest, and Southern branches of the WIL took part in this fall's first major national anti-war protest, which was held in Washington DC. Attendance was estimated at around 100,000 mark, with many youth and a large number of anti-war veterans present.

Veterans For Peace National Convention

From August 16th to the 19th, veterans from across the country gathered in St. Louis for the Veterans for Peace (VFP) National Convention.  VFP is based in St. Louis. It includes veterans of wars from the Second World War to Vietnam to the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who are interested in an alternative to imperialist slaughter.  Many organizations were present including Courage to Resist, various counter-recruitment organizations, the local Instead of War Coalition, and many others. But most important was the presence of 90 members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), who inspired the entire conference with their dedication to a swift and uncompromising end to the current quagmire in Iraq, and their courage to speak out.

Campus Anti-War Network Summer Retreat

From August 3rd through 5th, members of the Pittsburgh and Washington DC branches of the Workers International League and Youth for International Socialism attended the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) summer retreat in Cuba City, WI. We arrived late the evening of the 3rd, and were greeted with anti-war chants and the song “Solidarity Forever”. The first night was, of course, not a night for business, but a night for socializing. However, even during this time, a number of very important political discussions took place. One major topic of discussion was the need to broaden CAN to include all youth anti-war forces, working together to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Another big point of discussion was the re-launching of the CAN newspaper, College Not Combat, which will be made up of articles and editorials contributed from students and teachers around the country.