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[Video] How Trump Won and How to Fight Him

The election of Donld Trump has sent shock waves and mass protests across the US. John Peterson, editor of Socialist Appeal magazine, provides a Marxist analysis of the Trump election and its implications for the class struggle during the Northeast Regional Marxist School of the IMT in New York.


[Video] Bernie or Bust? The Way Forward for the Revolution

John Peterson, Editor of Socialist Appeal, discusses the polarization and radicalization taking place in the United States. John explains that events like the Sanders campaign and the #BlackLivesMatter movement are expressing the accumulated discontent with the status quo which has built up beneath the surface for many years. These developments have enormous implications for the spread of revolutionary ideas and the growth of the forces of Marxism in the USA and around the world.


[Video] Alan Woods on Leon Trotsky’s “Stalin”

aw-on-stalinAlan Woods, editor of In Defence of Marxism, discusses the latest release by Wellred Books: the most complete edition of Leon Trotsky’s Stalin ever released. Alan explains the background to Trotsky’s masterpiece, which provides an analysis of the degeneration of the Soviet Union from a democratic workers’ state into the Stalinist bureaucratic regime.

Audio: Greece—No Surrender!

Greece DemoTsipras and his finance minister Varoufakis have toured the European capitals in an attempt to muster support for their debt renegotiation policies but have been met with open hostility. The workers in Greece are rallying around what they regard as their government in a movement that could escalate in the coming weeks. In this talk Fred Weston of the International Marxist Tendency outlines the fundamental contradictions which are accumulating in Greece and explains why the only way out for the Greek masses is Socialism. (Audio file)

John Peterson on the Maz and Juan Podcast

ferguson-fists-raisedOn Thursday, February 5, John Peterson was invited to speak on the Maz and Juan podcast, a new project by The Intercept, journalist Glenn Greenwald's new independent media venture. Topics ranged from the origins of racism to socialism to Pakistan and the IMT comrade whose grandfather shot Winston Churchill in the backside. Click here to listen to the full episode, "You Can't Have Capitalism Without Racism."